Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rehearsals begin for our 2008-2009 season!

Our first rehearsal of the new season was Sunday, September 7. As always, it was great fun to see everyone, to meet the new members, and to get cracking on some new music.

For this concert, we're performing two big French pieces: Francis Poulenc's Figure Humaine and Gabriel Faure's Requiem. As a longtime choral singer, it's almost flukish that I've never done the Faure Requiem before, but it's true. Most of the rest of the group seems to have. We spent most of the rehearsal reading it and getting it into our ears, which is not difficult, considering how totally gorgeous it is.

Towards the end of rehearsal, we started in on the Figure Humaine. Quite a few years ago, before I joined the group, Coro did this piece, and what I've heard about it mainly involves the fact that it's WICKED HARD. I can already tell that it's going to be. As Coro fans know, we do a lot of Poulenc, and all of it's challenging, but this is going to be on a whole other level, at least for me. The piece itself, though, is tremendous-- I've been listening to a recording I have of the Groupe Vocal de France performing it, and I can't believe how great it is. I hear something new each time I listen to it.

All you who attend our concert on Sunday, November 16 are going to be in for a real treat. You'll get to hear two choral masterpieces of the 20th century-- one that's probably an old favorite, and one that's frankly not performed enough.

More information on this concert to come, so check in frequently!

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Jean M Bsquared said...

I agree re Figur Humaine. Let's hope that we don't sing something different every time we rehearse it. ha ha. One of the many great things about Coro is the fact that we sing this combination of old favorites and underperformed pieces. Poulenc is an amazing composer because he combines beauty with humor -- though FH isn't really funny at all, topically or musically.

David H holds the bar high for us, and the chops we need for Figur Humaine will probably help me in other musical adventures, as they often do.