Thursday, October 2, 2008

Of political interest...

It's difficult for me to stop thinking about politics for even 10 seconds at a time these days, what with, you know, EVERYTHING going on all at once. So forgive some political meandering today.

First of all, I'm late getting to this, but it's great to see folks here in Mass pitching in to help keep marriage equality alive in California. Ethan Jacobs at Bay Windows blogs about the work Family Equality Council is doing here. I hear mixed things about the ballot initiative that could potentially make gay marriage unconstitutional in Cali-- I think the polls are on our side, but the money seems to be with the other side, at least last I heard. Anyway, that fight isn't over, and news about it is hard to find in the noise about presidential politics and the various bailout plans.

Secondly, looks like McCain did an interview with the Washington Blade. Apparently he's the first Republican candidate for president to EVER talk to a gay publication. To which I say, Really? And to which I then say, Does this even count as an interview? Because in an interview, I tend to look for substance. Read and marvel at the ways it's possible for English to be rendered virtually meaningless. (For the record, Coro Allegro does not endorse any candidates-- these comments are mine alone.)

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