Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend wrap-up, and federal arts funding.

Well, this weekend Coro held its retreat, where we worked like crazy on Figure humaine, which continues to be a gigantic challenge. Now that it's coming together, though, I can hear how all the tonalities really are meant to sound, and I can tell you  all truthfully that this concert is going to be TREMENDOUS. This piece is so worth the effort.

The retreat also featured our usual awesome potluck-- props to all the rocking Coro cooks on that one-- and the annual meeting, at which new singing board members were elected. Singing members serve one-year terms, and are meant to bring the voice of the singers (so to speak) to the board members at the monthly meetings and on the various committees. The new singing members this go-around happen to be a nicely balanced SATB group: Alicia Boisnier, Paul Lewis, Bob Henry, and Megan Weireter (that's actually me).

One issue the board continually grapples with is funding, and since funding for the arts might be on a lot of people's minds these days, I wanted to pass along this link courtesy of the Arts Action Fund. They've summarized the two major presidential candidates' positions and histories on arts funding in a useful chart, with links to primary sources. Definitely worth your while if this matters to you-- and if you care about Coro and the music world in general, it should!

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